Borderline Slimy Weasel Newly-Minted Bridgewater Billionaire


A couple of years ago, Bridgewater Associates’ top two guys were embroiled in a little spat about who was the bigger liar, quite a serious allegation at a firm that prizes honesty and radical transparencyabove all else, at least internally. Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio suspected that his no. 2, Greg Jensen, may have been saying some nasty things about him behind his back, both dangerous and unnecessary in Westport, the former because everything is on tape and the latter because Dalio loves being told he sucks to his face, preferably in front of an audience. Jensen countered that Dalio was being something less than honest and transparent about his plan to stop micromanaging and let the Greg Jensens of the world have their moment…

Borderline Slimy Weasel Newly-Minted Bridgewater Billionaire

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