Billionaire Investors Reveal Their Biggest and Best Stocks


Last week a roster of the best and most influential investors in the world gave us a glimpse into their minds and their portfolios.  Once a year, the heavyweights of the investing world converge on Lincoln Center in the Upper West side of New York City to give their money, their time and some of their best investment ideas, to raise money for pediatric cancer.  The Ira Sohn Investment Conference has raised more than $50 million since 1995.  Plus it’s become an event that moves markets.

That was last Monday.  Later in the week, many of the same billionaire investors made their way West to Las Vegas for the seventh annual SALT Conference.  The SALT Conference has become the Super Bowl week of the alternative investment world, headlined by virtually every big influential investor and many heavyweight politicos, including former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke

Billionaire Investors Reveal Their Biggest and Best Stocks

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