Bill Ackman’s Condo Flipping Career Gets A Boost


ackmanLast October, we got some heartening news: should Bill Ackman’s hedge fund career fail to take off, the Pershing Square founder has a back up gig flipping condos. “I thought it would be fun,” Ackman told the Times of buying a $90 million apartment at luxury development One57. “So myself and a couple of very good friends bought into this idea that someday, someone will really want it and they’ll let me know.” And while some naysayers in the industry, threatened by having the young upstart move in on on their turf, would just loooove to see this whole thing blow up in his face, the word from Bloomberg is that it might actually work out, sooner rather than later…

Bill Ackman’s Condo Flipping Career Gets A Boost

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