‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ Goes Beyond a $74 Billion Fortune


Susan and Warren Buffett in the HBO documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett.” Creditvia HBO

Warren E. Buffett isn’t exactly an unknown quantity.

As America’s most famous investor and the possessor of what Forbes estimates is a $74 billion fortune, he has been the subject of endless scrutiny across print and film, most without his participation. But to Mr. Buffett, one of the appeals of agreeing to let the cameras into his life for “Becoming Warren Buffett,” an HBO documentary debuting on Monday, was to tell his story in a relatively new way.

Nowhere are there in-depth discussions about balance sheets and cash flow, though there are flashy animations illustrating basic investing principles. Instead, the film focuses on how Warren Edward Buffett grew from the Nebraskan son of a congressman to became the Oracle of Omaha, the avuncular mascot of American capitalism who built Berkshire Hathaway into a $406 billion empire, and shows some of his warts along the way…

‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ Goes Beyond a $74 Billion Fortune

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