5 Advantages to Leasing Your Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate Leasing AdvantagesWhile many small business people dream of buying their buildings, many of the largest and savviest companies choose to lease their commercial real estate. Opting to stay a tenant doesn’t just reduce up front costs. It also lowers ongoing expenditures while also giving your business greater flexibility. If you’re on the fence between leasing and owning, here are five great reasons to stay a tenant.

Reduced Move In Costs

Moving into leased space is usually less expensive than purchasing commercial real estate. Even the lowest cost SBA loans typically require ten percent down, plus the cost of any loan fees, third party reports and other purchase-related expenses. Leasing, on the other hand, usually just requires a security deposit and payment of the initial rent. Landlords will even frequently build in the cost of doing your tenant improvements for you…

5 Advantages to Leasing Your Commercial Real Estate

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