10 Dividend-Paying Regional Bank Stocks Insiders Are Buying


The yield on the 10-year Treasury note has jumped from a low of 1.67% on February 2 to 2.49% on Wednesday, the highest yield of the year. Rising long-term interest rates can be toxic for fixed-income investors, since bond prices fall as rates climb. Equity investors also face headwinds from rising rates, especially in higher yielding sectors like utilities and real estate investment trusts, both of which have slumped over the past several months.

Not all stocks, however, shrink from higher rates. Banks do well when long-term rates rise because they can charge more interest on the loans that they make with rates that are based on those at the longer end of the yield curve. Banks raise money by paying depositors at short-term rates, which are still near zero, at least until the Federal Reserve begins to hike the federal funds rate sometime later this year, or in 2016…

10 Dividend-Paying Regional Bank Stocks Insiders Are Buying

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