TPG Bought A Circus For China


China has been having a rough go of it lately.

The country’s economy has stopped growing at the crazy potent rate that it once did, and the new man in charge has been cracking down on fun stuff like the internet. All in all, it’s starting to feel like there about 1.3 billion folks that could use a fun night out.

Well, TPG Capital ain’t the kind of firm to just sit on its hands and miss out on the opportunity to entertain a nation.

On Monday, a consortium of private equity investors led by TPG agreed to buy Cirque du Soleil for 1.5 billion Canadian dollars, a purchase that will pave the way for the company to expand into China.

1.5 billion Canadian Dollars is still a lot in terms of real money, so this move by TPG is clearly aimed at capitalizing on the hope that Chinese audiences are so desperate for something new that they’ll pay to watch this…

TPG Bought A Circus For China

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