Rovi Buys TiVo in $1.1 Billion Deal


As television moves to the cloud, two companies are coming together to try to find the silver lining.

TiVo, known for its devices that can record and stream television, agreed to be acquired by the Rovi Corporation, which makes the guides that allow users to scroll and click to watch shows. The $1.1 billion deal, announced on Friday, is a turning point for two companies that have fought ferociously to maintain their places in a rapidly changing industry.

More and more television viewers are migrating to YouTube or Netflix, creating a vulnerability for companies like TiVo and Rovi whose business models rely on traditional TV viewing habits. Adding TiVo’s 10 million households to Rovi’s 18 million, as well as its research and development team and patent trove, arms the combined company to compete, analysts said…

Rovi Buys TiVo in $1.1 Billion Deal

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