Optimize Hidden Values of Existing MF Properties


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“Whether one is investing, acquiring, developing, renovating, or, most challenging of all, purchasing a property for re-use such as transforming an office building into an apartment or condo building, the purchaser needs to know every aspect of the property as well as the market in which it is located,” says Philips.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—“Optimizing value in almost any type of investment requires a systematic approach to both acquiring the asset and then determining the best way to realize the value without compromising the asset’s long-term worth.” That is according to Alexander Philips, CEO and CIO of TwinRock Partners.

According to Philips, this is especially true with real estate that has so many moving parts and dimensions. So how do you know when an asset will perform as anticipated and generate the desired returns? Find out in the exclusive column below where Philips takes a closer look at that question and discusses his firm’s methodology to first determine whether a property will make a good investment based on certain criteria, and then formulate a course of action to ensure the property will perform as projected…

Optimize Hidden Values of Existing MF Properties

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