Is the MF Supply/Demand Outlook Healthy?


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Admittedly, supply is running ahead of demand in some markets, like Austin and Washington, DC, but we expect that to be temporary, says Sykes.

Part 3 of 4:

A big question as of late has been whether or not the multifamily market will digest the new multifamily pipeline. Well, the market’s future depends in large measure on supply and demand maintaining a healthy balance—and if the respondents to Capital One’s RealShare Apartments survey are any indication, the outlook for the multifamily market looks good for the next few years.

Almost three-quarters said that supply and demand were in balance or that one only slightly exceeded the other. Brian Sykes, SVP in the firm’s Boston office, sheds light on the implications going forward in the below commentary…

Is the MF Supply/Demand Outlook Healthy?

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