Financing Still Strong for Quality Retail Projects

Jeff Garrison of S.J. Collins Enterprises explains how the lending environment has changed for the retail industry and discusses the firm’s unique community-oriented development strategy.
Jeff Garrison, Partner & Developer at S.J. Collins EnterprisesJeff Garrison, Partner & Developer at S.J. Collins Enterprises
Fairburn, Ga.—In the era of e-commerce, the retail industry is transforming and adjusting to the new ways consumers prefer to shop. But despite these changes, the sector as a whole is still experiencing moderate growth, and the trend is expected to continue in 2017 and beyond. The retail properties most likely to survive and be successful in 2017 are those with high-quality retailers and amenities, and their owners are constantly adapting them to keep up with the times. Shopping center developers are also increasingly focusing on adding creative experiences to their properties in order to engage and attract the surrounding community. In an exclusive interview with Commercial Property Executive, Jeff Garrison, a partner with Georgia-based development firm S.J. Collins Enterprises, discusses why experience-focused projects are a key focus for commercial real estate developers today, but also the challenges creating these properties present in the ever-changing retail environment…
Financing Still Strong for Quality Retail Projects
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