Biden, Cuomo: “NYC Needs a Modern LGA”


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In partnership with Delta Air Lines, the state will build a new LaGuardia Airport to create efficiencies and a better passenger experience.

NEW YORK CITY—Sometimes, when dealing with our aging infrastructure, an element needs more than a nip here and a tuck there. In recognition of that fact—Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Monday during an Association for a Better New York luncheon—LaGuardia Airport is going to be replaced with a new, modern, $4 billion facility.

Also pledging to grant Metropolitan Transit Authority chairman and CEO Thomas Prendegrast’s recent request for $8.3 billion in state funding—which, in part, will help the state make up the $11 billion gap in its capital budget—and to revise three other area airports, the Governor was joined on the podium by VP Joe Biden, who brought himself into the LGA fray some years ago when he likened the terminal to that of a “third world country.”…

Biden, Cuomo: “NYC Needs a Modern LGA”

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